Dominican tourism floats, under the onslaught of international campaign

The historical dynamism of Dominican tourism slowed down during the first seven months of the current year and, especially in July, when the arrival of foreign visitors fell by 0.5%.

However, seen the seven months together, in the arrival of non-residents (Dominicans and foreigners), the number of visitors grew by 1.5%, and this thanks to the increase in visits by non-resident Dominicans, according to the flow report tourist published by the Central Bank.

Even so, this 1.5% growth is much lower than the 5.9% recorded during the first seven months of 2017 and 2018.

According to the Central Bank report, the arrival of non-resident foreigners by area was reduced by 90,573 passengers, compared to the arrival flow in January-July 2018.

According to the report, this fall was partially offset by an annualized increase of 15.5% in the arrival of non-resident Dominicans.

In total, during the first seven months of this year, about 4.2 million non-resident visitors arrived, including foreigners and Dominicans.

63.1% of visitors came from North America, largely the United States, where the media echoed reports of attacks and accidents in tourist areas that involved nationals of this country.

Another important flow of tourists, 20.9%, came from Europe, while 11.7% originated in South America. Also, from other regions such as Central America and the Caribbean, and from Asia, 4.0% and 0.3% arrived, respectively.

According to the Central Bank, during the first seven months of 2019, the cumulative arrival of non-resident foreigners from North America (United States, Canada and Mexico) reflected an interannual growth of 2.6%, which means that the number of additional visitors It was 56,575 people. This is so, even with the reduction in the arrival of American tourists.

Other markets for Dominican tourism are Central America and the Caribbean, which grew by 3.2%, which meant an additional 4,375 tourists.

Unfortunate campaign

As a region that emits tourists to the Dominican destination, Europe saw a decrease of 6.2%, which meant that 48,333 tourists stopped visiting the beach sands of the Dominican Republic. The markets that influenced this cut were, in order of importance, England, Germany, Russia, France, and Sweden, among others.

South America also registered a decrease, 27,359 fewer visitors, for a 6.2% drop.

The Central Bank explains that the decrease in the arrival of tourists “is essentially due to the unfortunate media campaign about some unfortunate events that occurred to tourists from the United States, in some hotels in the country, during the first half of 2019”.

He explains that this campaign caused cancellations in the air reservations scheduled by the Americans to travel to the Dominican Republic.

To this is added, according to the Central Bank, “the economic conditions and the low growth of some emitting countries in Europe and South America.”

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